Daily Coffee betting on paper cups

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Daily Coffee betting on paper cups

The new disposable paper cups from Daily Coffee are produced by Huhtamaki, the world leader in disposable and recyclable packaging.

Huhtamaki respects the governmental law of Finland that only allows the slaughter of a tree after the planting (and growth) of three trees of the same species. In addition to this, the plastics used in the liner of the beaker are recycled and the glues for gluing the beaker are biodegradable. The result is PEFC eco-certification.

Thus, Daily Coffee helps its customers contribute to the gradual decline of our planet's ecological footprint, while innovating in customer design and comfort. A paper cup does not burn hands, is more beautiful and also serves to make teas or cappuccinos! All this for only 1.7 cents. Yes ... less than 2 cents per cup.

Now you know, disposable cups Daily Coffee - Lavazza. In the end, Yellow Eco! (As well as the capsules)

Daily Coffee is a coffee and hot beverage company, offering B2B and B2C services to both professional and private customers, with exclusive Lavazza coffee machines and capsules.

We are proud distributors of Lavazza – the largest Italian coffee brand, and simultaneously offer a premium and timely service to Lisbon’s best companies and private costumers.



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